August 26, 2011

waiting for irene

Debating joining my family on Long Island where the trees are pleading with the wind to relax and spare them the whoosh that would knock 'em straight onto our house. OR stay in a city without any public transit all weekend and an apartment that can offer little else than water. Hmmmmm. Tonight I avoided stocking up on "the necessities" (I like to get in there in an extreme way) and watched The Notebook. Oy.

August 23, 2011

brooklyn weddings

Despite the forecast for hail, wind, and lightning storms, we pulled off a wedding setup without a drop of rain on Sunday. The faucet was turned on super high around 4:30pm which was either the moment the OUTDOOR ceremony ended or the exact moment the lovely couple said, "I do." Either way, pretty romantic. Here's the bride's bouquet and a headwreath I made for the flower girl that, um, I wore for about a half hour late Saturday night to give me a bit of a boost.

August 22, 2011

park slope

I participated in a little open house at Lion in the Sun last week. Met some really lovely stationers, wedding planners, photogs, etc. Nice to get in the nyc mix a little bit and find some real gems among the industry. Here's a little sampling of some of the pieces I made for the fiesta. 

August 11, 2011

another one

Took the darker shades out of those mixed bouquets from yesterday to create some more punch.
celosia, camomile, snapdragons, zinnias, and that darn grass

August 10, 2011

union square

Been hunting around for local goods for an upcoming wedding. Was blown away by the union square flowers today. Holy heck! My main man Luke from The River Garden in the Catskills gave me the lowdown. Excitedly. He is going to hook me UP! This man is my hero of the day. Got a few bundles of their mixed bouquets to get a good look at all the different varieties they offer. Oh, and he gave me a freebie bunch of petite Black Eyed Susans. Swoon! These bouquets went on several subway rides and through multiple boroughs in this darn heat. Out of water I should add.

As soon as I got home (about 5 hours after buying them), I plopped them in water and took those suckers apart. Below is a little mock up of what I'm thinking about making next week. We need to go a little color crazy for this one, and I'm having trouble focussing, so this was excellent practice. It's true - practice really does help. (I learned that when I fanatically avoided practicing the piano in 4th grade. I can't play crap now. My loss.)

Now I'm super pumped to get to work on this wedding next week. Feeling really lucky that my clients trust me so much even when I get a little lost around the edges. Starting to find the focus in the blooms though. Giddy up!

chamomile, persian carpet zinnias, celosia, snap dragons, and the dopest grass ever. It's magic grass... but not that kind. 

August 7, 2011

flower growers

I met a darling man tonight who grows flowers on 2 delicate acres of farmland tucked in the hustle and bustle of the wealthy la di da hamptons. Dahlias, Zinnias, and cosmos that are complete perfection. It is paradise. I was fortunate enough to be escorted to his "secret garden" where few are allowed entry. I had to promise I would forget where we were when I left. I could never forget. A real life secret garden. The stuff dreams are made of for the average person, let alone a FLORIST. Are you kidding me? Get out! (queue elaine from Seinfeld) Seriously! I'm going to buy bunches and bunches of his flowers for a wedding in a couple weeks and I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. When the wedding is finished, he said he would take me surfing. For real. What luck, huh? Feeling pumped, happy, and excited about flowers and flower growers. Nice when family traditions really last and last elegantly and beautifully.

August 2, 2011


brain is wandering towards memories of costa rica tonight. i love it there.