September 28, 2013


Yesterday and today were pretty special making and making in the studio and driving around the state and city of New York hopping from event to event. Before this feeling fades into Monday, I wanted to pause and acknowledge that for the first time in a while, I felt really great at the end of an event day. I'm my own worst critic. It's bad. I tend to hate everything by the time the event is fully set up. But today, and certainly because our team was incredible, all the details down to the tags for the boutonnieres made me smile. Lucky to know and work with such gems. 

September 3, 2013

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

I've discovered a new feeling surrounding the finishing of big jobs.  I've been talking with my dear friend Sooz about the ramp up before jobs: The adrenaline starts to increase, the sleeping shortens, the anxiety grows, the confidence blooms, the materials come in, the work starts, it happens. And then it ends before you can even snap a good pic. But the ramp down is perhaps more painful. It's like when you were a kid and you wait and wait for Christmas morning or your birthday and then the day after said events, everything is status quo again. Everything just is again. I'm sure I'm doing this explanation an injustice, but the point is, it's helping me focus on the parts of the job I truly adore.

1: I love when all the flowers are in the studio and it's time to make and make and make. I love every part of the first 5 arrangements. Seeing it come together, allowing flowers from farmers* in 10 different parts of the region to comingle in one arrangement. Seeing how that splurge item was totally worth it and how that other splurge item is just in there to make me happy. (Or a reminder to review my dwindling profit margin.)

2: I really enjoy when something happens that I didn't forsee. For example, some colors blend in a way I hadn't expected. Or a last minute grab ends up stealing the show: Case and point - these purple scabiosas that Bernadette from the River Garden threw it to my order for kicks. 

3: I enjoy making things in the studio I know won't transport well. It's a sick joke I play with myself. But one I won't stop playing. The love in a puff in the arrangement below couldn't possibly stay positioned as is, but whatevs. Put it there anyway. I like a good on site challenge of fixing every single centerpiece. Joke.

4: I've learned Fridays are the best. It's a making day. I have all the hours in the day and no more running around. Beers are in the fridge and friends/freelancers are in the studio. Encouraging texts keep coming in from best friends, brothers, ok - mostly from my mom. We're cracking jokes and catching up while we arrange. Pizza deliveries are endless, baked goods from Emily are divine, and we have time. TIME! Man, what I wouldn't give for some time on site.

5: I love when Brides smile on their wedding day. When they love the flowers we make for them. When they appreciate the insane work we've put into it all. When they hold their bouquet. When they get married!!! I guess I'm a sucker for romance at the end of the day.

This weekend Peartree was at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. A place I've wanted to work since back when I was making flowers in PDX. It felt really special to be there. The agriculture center is an unparalleled resource in our area, and Dan Barber is really helping to steer the farm to table food movement in an important direction. 

So now it's Tuesday. The studio is clean. I finally made my bed. On to the next...

*This includes: Robby's dahlias, Anna Mack from the Berkshires, Serene Green for the fruit branches, Bernadette + Luke from the River Garden, Fallon and her Garden Valley Ranch roses, and Norman from Peterkort to name a few.