October 31, 2013

Nicole, my love

Flowering for friends is a real joy in this work. I'm likely heard complaining about it, but in that deep-down-I-really-mean-it-way, I feel kinda proud to create environments and beautiful things for wonderful friends. I spent a few days up in the Berkshires a couple weeks ago turning a pretty barn into a PRETTY barn for my dear college friend Nicole's wedding. Oh, Nicole's + Kevin's wedding. Right. He was there too. Details.

I dragged ALL of my college friends in attendance into the mix - teaching them how to make garlands, hang candles, play with ivy, and other random, weird things we florists do. They ran with it. Rocked it. And made the space look even better than I had hoped.

**Big, enormous, huge thanks to my wonderful friend Hannah who has been the biggest help since my first gig back in PDX life. Always lighting candles with me, cheering me on, hiding buckets, finding me glasses of wine. She's even able to rope her bf Josh into helping these days. Hannah, I love you. Also appreciate the generosity of the lovely Ariella for her endless help, support, and encouragement. She pointed me in the right direction in so many ways for this event (and so many others). And to Sarah for being my hype guy, having just created a beautiful event in a nearby Berk town a few days prior. And thanks Nicole for marrying your Kevin. LOVE you two. (Big love fest post. Excuse.)

***Also, thank you Kenyon College for hooking me up with all these badass lords 'n ladies.

October 15, 2013


September and October are really testing my flower strengths. I decided to fire myself the other day during a low moment of endless bucket scrubbing (seemed like a higher road than quitting). That evening, my inbox popped up an email from a future client whose event I am SOOOOO excited for, giving me the official thumbs up that she'd like to move forward with Peartree. I re-hired myself. Who am I kidding? I love this shit. Bucket scrubbing included. {Ok, i'm really not joking here. I find this cathartic sometimes (note: not every time). This mindless, necessary, important (SO important), routine task. I have this ritual of making organized pyramids around the studio of all my clean buckets to let them dry. This seems obvious (right?), but I separate them by kind - down to separating the ever so nuanced different types of black buckets, and then I build them as high as I can and watch my masterpiece drip bleach water dry. Though nuts, it's my symbolic final chapter of an event. I can officially put one event to rest and get my brain in gear for the next. By making bucket pyramids. Obviously.}

I also have this new issue of having to try on the flower girl's head wreath before I pack it up for her. I could say that I'm double checking that the wreath doesn't have any holes in it, but that's a lie. And we're here to be honest. Also, I'm really sorry that I keep making them for my head size. Working on it. 

October 5, 2013


I have a Sunday wedding this week. I was going to say that it's been a while since I had a Sunday wedding, but then I remembered I had a Sunday wedding last week. That's a pretty good indicator of where my head is at right now. I'm feeling a strange hybrid of complete exhaustion and an adrenaline buzz that won't quit. Not totally sure how I've been able to get up as early, as often, or work as late as I have in the last month, but I guess I'll ride this out. (Key is to not ask questions.) It has been the perfect storm of wonderful clients and the most incredible teams which improves this whole no sleep, living on bagels, shlepping bales, driving half asleep equation BIG time.

Hope all of you are out eating, dancing, listening to great music, and enjoying your Saturdays!!