October 29, 2012

monday sandy blogging

Two days ago, I was up at 5am to wrap a bouquet in my kitchen and deliver personal flowers by 6:30am. It always seems so important to get everything done on time, delivered punctually - keeping to these very serious wedding day schedules.

Today, I'm watching the wind blow the trees around outside my window. Not a lot of rain yet but there sure is flooding in the city and out on Long Island. School is cancelled. The subways are shut down. It's a time-out day for everyone in NYC. I appreciate that in a city as crazed, work-centric, and speedy as NYC, some things slow us down and lock everyone in their home with bread, canned soup, batteries, and water. Or in the case of my apartment - votives from the studio, whiskey, wine, cheese, and flowers. Here are a few pics from this weekend along with something I made just for fun this morning with the scraps.

October 16, 2012

october 4th, part 2

I had the thrilling opportunity to create some arrangements for the Guggenheim a couple weeks ago. I've long admired that building and all the art it has housed over the years. This luncheon was for people I will likely not run into again anytime soon, but I like thinking about all those black clad arty peeps staring at my flowers in the Guggenheim for a couple hours. The luncheon launched their new Picasso Black and White exhibit - hence the white theme. I highly recommend you check out the exhibit. The talented Nicole Franzen took all the photos you see below.

*ps. Elizabeth Kujawski - hi!

October 8, 2012

october 4th, part 1

(it's a photo only kind of day)

October 1, 2012


It's Monday morning. A new month. A time I typically savor. Doing laundry, dishes, catching up on emails. A window in between events to plan, procrastinate, or just bake a pie (like I'm really going to get to that today). I spent this past weekend up in Lake George assisting my friend Taylor on an absolutely beautiful wedding on the most amazing family estate overlooking that pretty lake. We all wanted to move there. The vibe is so laid back and gorgeous and the town is full of diner food. Serious plus.

Back in the city and excited for the city Fall. It's been a pretty fulfilling summer. Lots of interesting and beautiful jobs. So many wonderful clients. So many incredible flower friends. I could talk about each one for pages upon pages.

One of those friends - the wonderful Sarah was up at her farm a couple weeks ago and so she sent this little shoot my way for Stone Fox Bride.