August 19, 2013

blog embarrassment

I can't believe it's nearing the end of August and I haven't tended to this here blog in nearly two months. Summer. Wow. I'm so sorry! For some reason, my procrastinating tendencies really pop up when it comes to blogging. Here's hoping there are 2 posts a month till the end of the year. If you put it out there....

Anyway - summer has been wonderful. I've been to California TWICE! Utah to help the lovely, talented Sarah Winward with a mega monster event. Sag Harbor almost every week to kick it with all kinds of Lubells (including the most wonderful + cutest niece and nephews). There have been train rides up coasts, long drives in serene places, countless ocean swims, so much good food, a million beautiful flowers, cold wine, cold beer, more flowers, plenty of zipcars, and even more rides in the convertible. It's been a pretty darn good summer. And it's not over yet! Gonna hold onto every little morsel it's got.