April 30, 2013

spring shizzle

Ok - here we go. Trees are blossoming, emails are flowing, flowers are being ordered, vases are being sourced. It's the beginning!! Local product is starting to kick in with a fury and everyone is feeling genuinely pumped about flower time. Kicked off our season with some cherry blossom madness at the University club last weekend. I had the best team and am so thankful to have such amazing help.

April 2, 2013

disposable cameras and my love of the beach

I've had a solid winter. I fled the cold, bundled up streets of Brooklyn for 2 weeks of hot, wonderful sun, postcard sunsets, surfing, yoga, bougainvillea in EVERY color, and really good friends. This magical land of Costa Rica has become my safe haven and home away from home. To say I love it there is a gross understatement. I LOVE IT THERE.

Our uniforms are bikinis, shorts and bare feet. We walk around with surf boars on our sides. We drink millions of smoothies. We practice lots of yoga in the jungle hills. We have beautiful friends there. They take us places that make us giggle with joy. We have fun. Pure fun.

Life is simple there. Not simplistic - just simple. And it feels awesome. I go back as frequently as I can, and each year I stay a little longer. I'm starting to think big*. Because - why not? Here - take a look, won't you...

Two weeks after I got home, I went to Maui to hang with the lovely, wonderful Ariella during her flower workshop. Like I said - solid winter. 

*So, there's this place for sale there....