February 18, 2013


Valentine's came and went. Had fun hanging at a barber shop with T-Dawg drinking rose cava and stuffing ourselves with cheese. We made a lot of boyfriends look good. 

I've never dated anyone that's given me flowers on Valentine's Day. Isn't that the craziest thing? Too much pressure, I guess. But it's so obvious! Dudes. They are confusing, simple beasts. 

I got back from Costa Rica three days before Valentine's day. On a surf board one morning and the flower market the next. Such a bizarre transition. 

So I was thinking, I may just do a pop up in CR next year. Hibiscus, bougainvillea bouquets, couple's yoga, and coconut ice cream packages. Set up a little stand by my friend's surf shop and then hit the waves. What's funny is - I'm probably not joking. Pura Vida. :)