June 8, 2013

spring haze

There's plenty to catch up on here. Spring is happening. With fury. I haven't slept much, been drinking too many earlyyyyyyy morning Starbucks, (it's the ONLY coffee place near me open before 7am - don't judge) been lifting a lot of heavy crap, running around town, driving to Montauk, East Hampton, New Jersey, Dix Hills, on repeat. A lot. Wedding season. It's so funny. We emerge from the winter slumber and turn into the most highly productive, caffeinated, amped, excited flower people. I both dread and live for this shit. When you're in it, you feel like you can do anything. Sometimes I think if someone caught me at the right moment, I'd be able to make an urn arrangement and perform surgery in the same hour. Exaggeration? You get the idea. So... there are lots of pretty images to catch you up on, but let's start with the last couple days first.