April 7, 2016

Vacation Yoga

I used to say that I loved "vacation yoga". Well, I still love vacation yoga, but I thought it was easier than New York City yoga. My body always feels more limber and ready to move when the sea air is blowing and the monkeys are climbing around.

I just finished my yoga teacher certification. That means I am licensed to teach yoga. What?! Ok, let's start at the beginning: I first got into yoga on vacation in Costa Rica (dots connecting) and over the last few years have found it to be something I gravitate towards more and more and more.

I absolutely hate to exercise. I am my mother's daughter on that front. But my mother is the least lazy person you'll ever meet. She is always doing pleasurable things which underneath are disguised as exercise. I like to surf because it's the greatest thing I've discovered in my adult life. It also happens to burn like 5 million calories an hour. But, who cares? I'd surf if I gained 10 lbs every time I paddled out. Point is, I like exercise that is actually wrapped up in pleasurable activity. And I think I gravitated towards yoga because I was learning it outside, in the jungle, in nature. Warrior one towards the ocean. Warrior two towards the jungle. I remember that moment. 

So maybe, and not surprisingly, 5 years after my first yoga class at NYI, I signed up for their teacher training. And man was that one of my greatest life choices thus far. No, I don't think I want to ditch flowers to become a yoga teacher. But I do want to provide an environment that evokes some of what I felt in those first few vacation yoga classes. 

So, fuck it - we're doing it. We're reorganizing the studio, giving away some vases to make room for yoga mats and come the Fall, we're going to offer some yoga classes (along with a slew of other creative classes - more on that soon) in the studio. My hope is to create a dreamy environment where you can really see something beautiful when you open your eyes and smell sweet smells when you close them. I'm excited. I love being around people. I love creating inviting environments. I want this to be a creative, physical hub in Greenpoint for people to explore. 

Yes, we'll still offering wedding services, event services, and home designs. We're growing our business to encompass more of the things that fill us up and less of the fluff.

Photos from our Pura Vida Peartree workshop and my "winter" in Central America.