August 28, 2012


I took a pilgrimage to california in July to inspect some incredible Cali flower bounty in person. It was a pretty great time. I drove south to Half Moon Bay and poked around a half abandoned nursery. I went to the SF flower market at 4:30 in the morning and met people who I had only known through my phone and computer. I drove north to the wine country to see the most amazing clematis farm, chat with the very dedicated and sweet head farmer, followed by some wine drinking in the Sonoma hills. It was stupid fun.

August 18, 2012


It's been a crowded month. Crowded is my new word for busy. Apologies for neglecting this 'ol blog. I moved apartments. And I misplaced everything. Including the cord that connects my camera to my computer. Whoops. There's A LOT to talk about, but I'll start with a few photos and will fill in the rest when I've actually rested.