January 18, 2014


First post of this new year. Does this make it more important? I guess so. New beginnings. Clean slate. Sort of. Not much has really changed in the first 18 days of twothousandfourteen. I have been going to yoga somewhat obsessively, but I think that always happens when work slows down. I have to put my energy somewhere if I'm not running around the city playing flower games.

I decided not to make any resolutions this year. Any real resolutions, that is. But I do have one looming under the surface. More of a declaration than a resolution. (Wait, is that disguised as the same thing?) I want to do really great work this year. Like REALLYYYYYY great work. Like whoa I can't believe we made that kind of work. And not just pretty arrangements but expanding to more challenging projects, different avenues, more awareness, and on and on.

I have a hard time thinking I'm any good at this stuff (which I know sounds like i'm fishing). I probably rely on the feedback from others too heavily to give me a clue as to whether i'm "good" "great" "average" or "dumb" (cue instagram). But this year, I want to do more work that I know deep down is closer to great. Which brings me back to the obsessive yoga (hadn't planned on this circle.) I took a class a couple weeks ago and the instructor asked us to pick one word to come back to during class. Just a word. Not a mission or a problem to solve. Without dwelling, the word "trust" came to mine and I found myself saying it in my head throughout the class like a TOTAL hippie.

It's about trusting a lot of parts with earnest, I'm learning. So yeah, it's a biggy. I guess for 2014, I want to go with the flow a bit more and trust I'm heading in that positive direction of interesting work, amazing flowers, diversified projects, etc. without needing to control every ounce of the happenings. Ha! Yeah, good luck with that.