October 20, 2011

the 1 train

Had a really lovely consultation today. One with a lot of family. I love those. The mom gave me a hug when she got off the 1 train. Only the first meeting and I'm already getting hugs. Made my day. Our families and lives had so many parallels it was cra cra. Now I'm going to make soup and figure out how I can trick myself into waking up before 6am.

October 17, 2011


I'm quite fond of this month. A lot of really lovely things happen in October including my parent's marriage and apples. These pictures are from September, so they have nothing to do with the post's title. Ah, well. The photos are pretty anyway.

I would like my apartment to be filled with those enormous balloons at all times. ALL TIMES.

October 6, 2011


I love so many flowers but a nice lot of them are all clumped together in these little pieces. Zinnias are so effing amazing I can't take it. And the persian carpet ones are so special. They really make me stop. They take a bit of work to clean with their mounds of foliage, but man is there a pay off. Dahlias. Duh. And that turning hydrangea has the prettiest tones. So many ways I'd like to play around with that hydrangea. Creamy dahlias would be so pretty side by side. Fresh, clean whites or burnt, rusty orange. It's such a versatile palette starter. Guess I'm kind of stuck on violet this week, but itching to shake things up next week. 

October 4, 2011

flower rumors

I've heard about porcelain vine for quite some time. The most inexplicably perfect combo of turquoise and robin's egg blue. I walked into the market last week and saw two innocent bunches there. Alone. Waiting for me. They weren't the freshest and needed a lot of work to unleash their triumphant berries, but it is really special. I grabbed some dahlias from my favorite supplier and made a few pieces that I wanted to keep around for longer than I could. But happy to pass them along, too.