October 6, 2011


I love so many flowers but a nice lot of them are all clumped together in these little pieces. Zinnias are so effing amazing I can't take it. And the persian carpet ones are so special. They really make me stop. They take a bit of work to clean with their mounds of foliage, but man is there a pay off. Dahlias. Duh. And that turning hydrangea has the prettiest tones. So many ways I'd like to play around with that hydrangea. Creamy dahlias would be so pretty side by side. Fresh, clean whites or burnt, rusty orange. It's such a versatile palette starter. Guess I'm kind of stuck on violet this week, but itching to shake things up next week. 


  1. Liza, your flowers are amazing. But you probably know that. You are amazing too - and I love your writing, it sounds just like you! Franki Potatoes x