October 16, 2012

october 4th, part 2

I had the thrilling opportunity to create some arrangements for the Guggenheim a couple weeks ago. I've long admired that building and all the art it has housed over the years. This luncheon was for people I will likely not run into again anytime soon, but I like thinking about all those black clad arty peeps staring at my flowers in the Guggenheim for a couple hours. The luncheon launched their new Picasso Black and White exhibit - hence the white theme. I highly recommend you check out the exhibit. The talented Nicole Franzen took all the photos you see below.

*ps. Elizabeth Kujawski - hi!

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  1. Stunning. I found you via La Buena Vida. What a treat to explore your blog and take in all the beauty you create while waiting out the storm in the DC area.

    Hope you and yours come through Sandy safe and sound.