October 29, 2012

monday sandy blogging

Two days ago, I was up at 5am to wrap a bouquet in my kitchen and deliver personal flowers by 6:30am. It always seems so important to get everything done on time, delivered punctually - keeping to these very serious wedding day schedules.

Today, I'm watching the wind blow the trees around outside my window. Not a lot of rain yet but there sure is flooding in the city and out on Long Island. School is cancelled. The subways are shut down. It's a time-out day for everyone in NYC. I appreciate that in a city as crazed, work-centric, and speedy as NYC, some things slow us down and lock everyone in their home with bread, canned soup, batteries, and water. Or in the case of my apartment - votives from the studio, whiskey, wine, cheese, and flowers. Here are a few pics from this weekend along with something I made just for fun this morning with the scraps.

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