October 1, 2012


It's Monday morning. A new month. A time I typically savor. Doing laundry, dishes, catching up on emails. A window in between events to plan, procrastinate, or just bake a pie (like I'm really going to get to that today). I spent this past weekend up in Lake George assisting my friend Taylor on an absolutely beautiful wedding on the most amazing family estate overlooking that pretty lake. We all wanted to move there. The vibe is so laid back and gorgeous and the town is full of diner food. Serious plus.

Back in the city and excited for the city Fall. It's been a pretty fulfilling summer. Lots of interesting and beautiful jobs. So many wonderful clients. So many incredible flower friends. I could talk about each one for pages upon pages.

One of those friends - the wonderful Sarah was up at her farm a couple weeks ago and so she sent this little shoot my way for Stone Fox Bride.

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