October 15, 2013


September and October are really testing my flower strengths. I decided to fire myself the other day during a low moment of endless bucket scrubbing (seemed like a higher road than quitting). That evening, my inbox popped up an email from a future client whose event I am SOOOOO excited for, giving me the official thumbs up that she'd like to move forward with Peartree. I re-hired myself. Who am I kidding? I love this shit. Bucket scrubbing included. {Ok, i'm really not joking here. I find this cathartic sometimes (note: not every time). This mindless, necessary, important (SO important), routine task. I have this ritual of making organized pyramids around the studio of all my clean buckets to let them dry. This seems obvious (right?), but I separate them by kind - down to separating the ever so nuanced different types of black buckets, and then I build them as high as I can and watch my masterpiece drip bleach water dry. Though nuts, it's my symbolic final chapter of an event. I can officially put one event to rest and get my brain in gear for the next. By making bucket pyramids. Obviously.}

I also have this new issue of having to try on the flower girl's head wreath before I pack it up for her. I could say that I'm double checking that the wreath doesn't have any holes in it, but that's a lie. And we're here to be honest. Also, I'm really sorry that I keep making them for my head size. Working on it. 


  1. Hi Liza, just thought I'd drop you a line to say that I'm enjoying your blog (I found you via Instagram) and I have added you to the blog-roll of florists on my site. I am currently career-changing + re-training in floristry in the UK and am chronicling my journey on my blog, Ally Lister Flowers - http://allylisterflowers.wordpress.com/ if you are interested in reading. Looking forward to reading more of yours! All the best, Ally xx

  2. Hi lovely head, I love making bucket pyramids too. I make them three buckets high, using 6 buckets because I am fond of the number three. I am extra happy when I get them in the sun. It makes me think that the uv takes down anything the bleach missed. Ah I miss you. I hope all is truly splendid xoxox