October 31, 2013

Nicole, my love

Flowering for friends is a real joy in this work. I'm likely heard complaining about it, but in that deep-down-I-really-mean-it-way, I feel kinda proud to create environments and beautiful things for wonderful friends. I spent a few days up in the Berkshires a couple weeks ago turning a pretty barn into a PRETTY barn for my dear college friend Nicole's wedding. Oh, Nicole's + Kevin's wedding. Right. He was there too. Details.

I dragged ALL of my college friends in attendance into the mix - teaching them how to make garlands, hang candles, play with ivy, and other random, weird things we florists do. They ran with it. Rocked it. And made the space look even better than I had hoped.

**Big, enormous, huge thanks to my wonderful friend Hannah who has been the biggest help since my first gig back in PDX life. Always lighting candles with me, cheering me on, hiding buckets, finding me glasses of wine. She's even able to rope her bf Josh into helping these days. Hannah, I love you. Also appreciate the generosity of the lovely Ariella for her endless help, support, and encouragement. She pointed me in the right direction in so many ways for this event (and so many others). And to Sarah for being my hype guy, having just created a beautiful event in a nearby Berk town a few days prior. And thanks Nicole for marrying your Kevin. LOVE you two. (Big love fest post. Excuse.)

***Also, thank you Kenyon College for hooking me up with all these badass lords 'n ladies.

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