January 16, 2012

even years

I've decided I prefer even numbered years to odd. However, I'm not sure I have much supporting evidence to validate this declaration. There are landmarks that occurred during even numbered years: my birth, my graduations, my brother's wedding, my other brother's wedding, my nephew's birth, spending a semester in Scotland, my move to Portland, starting a flower business, falling in love.  Um - ok, I think my summation is accurate. If we can look to the past to feel good about the future, I'm deciding to feel good about 2012 and all it's even-filled possibilities.

There will be trips to warm climates filled with surfing and yoga. (I believe everyone is good at vacation yoga). There will be visits to flower farms in tropical locations. There will be visits from friends and visits to see friends. There will be a move to my very own apartment. There will be family dinners and a new baby in the Lubell family. To my future clients in 2012 and the people I meet in the next 11 months - you're in luck,  you caught me in a good year. 

p.s. I used to cringe at blogs turned personal diaries, but I don't anymore. We all have our moments. And actually when we share in them, it's better. 

p.p.s Tomorrow I will think this is the cheesiest thing I've ever written.

p.p.p.s Happy birthday to my dear dear dearest Becky.