March 7, 2012

Double Rainbows and Pura Vida

I'll ignore my delinquency with this blog and immediately launch into tales from tropical places. I went to Maui (as in Hawaii. Ahem, HAWAII!!) a couple weeks ago to take a flower workshop with the even-lovelier-in-real-life Ariella Chezar. For the flower peeps out there reading this - yes, I did it. And it was incredible!

While at first I hemmed at hawed at the expense, the travel, the why does it have to be all the way in Maui - it took me all of 35-55 minutes after landing to realize HOLY SHIT THIS IS AMAZING THAT IT'S IN MAUI!

Go to Maui. All of you. It is crazy. Whales flap to say hello, rainbows pop up every five minutes, the fruit is so delicious and prevalent you can pretty much pick anything and eat it and freak out, cab drivers talk your ear off and hug you goodbye, you can hitchhike and it's awesome, the rain feels like heaven, THE FLOWERS ARE INSANE!!!!! Don't get me started on the mai tais. Actually, do get me started on the mai tais. That was a fun night.

Sometimes when you travel, it feels like everything lines up, works out, and you can really slow down and let it all take shape. I am a bit of a control freak - allowing things to take shape is not my forte. But added to my list of things I learned on vactation: let that shit happen. It's so much better.

There are more photos and many more tales. And there was an entire week in Costa Rica that followed this magical week. Lots of lessons were learned and a general feeling of bliss is sticking around this time. I am full on declaring that I am now a travel florist. I excel at arranging barefoot and beachside. 

p.s. have you seen THIS? I don't know how I missed this one, but I just about peed in my pants laughing when my friends first showed it to me in the back seat of a car in Maui. And then the next day, we SAW a double rainbow and I shared this jewel with my dear friend Courtney. Needless to say, watching this with a mai tai in hand leads to falling off chairs and convulsing with "ugly laughter." It's so intense. 

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  1. that laughter was freaking beautiful;) ugh your words take me right back. missing double rainbows...