May 27, 2012


I hope to have at least one more client as incredible as the woman I had the pleasure of working with this past weekend. Spoken with Southern charm, "I don't like to limit people's creativity" was her opening line and, with that, I was given creative freedom with the guideline to convey some "wow." Wow is what I gave her and wow is what I felt. No pestering calls. Only calls to see how was doing. No rushed meetings. Instead, leisurely afternoon meetings accompanied by a couple glasses of champagne. I work hard to make sure my clients are happy, but this time my client brought me quite a lot of joy. Until next time, Miss Linda...

p.s. big up to my friends at saipua for sending me the referral.

p.p.s can we talk about that mock orange and that tiny clematis with that dusty mauve/chocolate foliage? I mean. Come on. Some flowers just mess me up with their beauty. 

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