June 24, 2012

hey nicole, check out these bouts

My friend Nicole has a thing for bouts. She's in Australia right now and I miss her a lot. She's been there for a year and a half and will be there for another some odd months. She's training to be in the Australian military. No, she's not. She's cooking a lot of test food for her pretty rad biz Green Bellies. (That right there is what we call a plug). Anyway, Nicole got married a few years ago and I was living in Oregon at the time. Her wedding was in Philly. The logistics (because weddings are truly only about logistics) were too tricky for me to do all her flowers, be in her wedding and not lose my mind. So in an effort to do something for the big day, I made some bouts and corsages. I still feel guilty about this. I should have made all her flowers. If it were today, and she happened to be getting married in Australia, the logistics wouldn't scare me. The moral of this story that seems to be going nowhere is that Nicole's favorite floral part of her wedding were the bouts. And since then, she keeps tabs on the bouts I be making. I try to make them pretty enough for her high standards. 

PS - I didn't really like those bridesmaid bouquets, cole. I lied and said I did. But I didn't.


  1. Thanks for the shout outs (both professional and making my bizarre love of bouts known to the world). The above are gorgeous and perfect, of course...but none make me smile quite like the ones you made for our wedding. Come on, there's nothing happier than a bright yellow billy ball.

    PS - I'm ignoring your PS

    PPS - Don't ever feel guilty. We were thrilled with what you made and you were the best MOH a gal could ask for.