July 10, 2012

trains and keys

I'm writing this blog post instead of finalizing orders for some upcoming weddings. This is rather stupid. Sometimes I need to get some of the "other" work out of the way before I can dive in. Warm up work? Maybe. I don't know.  

In the last 24 hours I managed to leave a folder of incredibly important documents on top of a parking meter at a train station. Then this morning I completely lost my car keys. No, I did not misplace them. Lost. Haven't found 'em. Documents? Found.

Barely caught the above mentioned train only to realize the error of my ways. 50 bucks and 45 minutes later, I was back where I started. Documents in hand. Sheepishly walked to my car to drive instead of train it back to the city. (Is Mercury in retrograde?) The lesson I learned? I need to slowwwww it on down. Take a real day totally off. Stop editing photos and go to the movies. 

What's playing?


  1. If I were there, we would watch Spaceballs and eat sour WarHeads then run around tennis courts...it would be merry and mind clearing. I hope you find your keys.

  2. Mercury has been in shadow since June 27. It enters retrograde July 14. So, in short, it has been up to its trickery which will worsen. Then, on August 9 it heads into shadow again until August 21, when we will get some relief. :)

  3. UPDATE: THE KEYS WERE FOUND. This makes me incredibly happy.