December 4, 2013

Let's talk about pin spotting

Ok, we don't really have to talk about pin spotting. But it is an "interesting" topic in the world of event design. Without it, the flowers on the table get completely lost. Pretty candlelight only does so much. Pin spotting, though, pretty much wrecks the perfectly curated color game. It washes everything out and there is absolutely zero nuance (*favorite word I like to overuse right now) in the tones anymore. But at least you can see the flowers? And their is a glow? I'm torn. Ok, this is boring.

Thanksgiving was the best. I ate it all, drank it all, slept a few hours and went to the flower market far too early the next day to prep for this here event.

We can all agree nothing trumps natural light. Right!? The pin spotted photos next to the tones in this bouquet are pretty laughable. What can you do. I recommend everyone get married on the summer solstice. 

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