April 30, 2012

news bit dos: new site

The new Peartree website is finally up and relief is what comes to mind. It really means a lot to finally have a site that has the feel I'm trying to get across. I have Alex Hall to thank for his html (gibberish) assistance and Julie from Studio Olivine for her help with the branding. Fonts, man. Game changer. I would write more but the 8th dose of caffeine has long worn off. I have to get some rest before setting up an event at 5:45am tomorrow. Sometimes this job is hilarious. Anyway - after that I get to whisk my mother away for a nice mother/daughter getaway. Leaving from the event set up to hitch a ride to the airport. I'm so New York. ;)

Try to come back to the site every once in a while as I'll be updating the photos in the flower gallery just as often as I can. Alex made that easy - like sunday morning. 

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