April 20, 2012

news bit uno: Dwell

I have a very wonderful, dear friend named Hannah who I've known since I was 5. She has always supported my work and helped connect the dots to link my business to people who would enjoy it. A few months ago, she dot-connected and linked me up with Dwell since they were writing an interesting article about shared workspaces across the nation and researching spaces to include. Our (previous) studio in Red Hook fit the bill and they decided to include Nikole Nelson and myself in the feature. So, voila - there we are in the May issue of Dwell which is, ahem, on news stands now. Go get that shizzle!

*USB cord purchased. I can scan again! (see previous post) That was not an easy cord to locate. Even Apple didn't have it. Whaaaaa? They sold me the silly printer/scanner/blender.

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