January 29, 2013

A Valentine thang

Taylor and I have plotted a pretty rad Valentine's Day pop up to make this holiday very easy for you. We have some crazy pretty flowers in mind. The BEST of the season for sure. We've been asking our suppliers to find some amazing product and running around to find beautiful begonias, ferns, orchids...

We're going to put it all together in perfect packages tied up with velvet ribbon! VELVET! So, don't be silly and try to play it cool for Valentine's Day. We want to hook you up with some pretty arrangements. 

All happening at the convenient pick up spot of Barber + Supply at 101 N. 8th in Williamsburg. Get a shave and a bouquet before taking your lovey out to dinner. Don't mess this up. It's so easy.

Preorder at afoxandapear@gmail.com. You can pick up the goods on Feb 13th from 4pm-8pm and Feb 14th noon-8pm.

1 comment:

  1. We don't do Dozen Roses ... that is so funny! I wish all of us Floral Designers could say that on Valentine's Day!!!