January 22, 2013

making meetings

It's a funny time of year. Spending more time in front of the computer than in front of a work table. Making meetings, taking meetings, having meetings about other meetings - at the studio, at coffee shops, if i'm lucky - at a bar with decent wine. The process. So many steps.

When I sit with people and talk to them about their flowers, I paint a picture in my head. The colors, the season, the venue, the people - it all kind of comes together helping me figure out what their flowers, tables, etc. are going to look like. Turning those images into language and articulating those imaginations are quite complex. It's fun when it's effortless. Yet sometimes it's rather challenging to take something so purely visual and explain it. 

I suppose that's what all these meetings are about. Convincing, explaining, soliciting trust. Using words and some photos to help people get inside my own head, and dump the images I see, artfully, into their heads. I had a fun break from meetings to make some arrangements today. Caught the light, chased it, and got a few photos with my BRAND NEW LENS. Money solves all problems. wink wink.

**oh, this happened a couple weeks ago. bonkers. 

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  1. Wow, I hear you girl, PS these photos are gorgeous, beautiful work doll!