January 2, 2013


Happy 2013! I've eaten several helpings of french fries, a BLT, and have yet to exercise at all. Off to a great start here.

I never make typical resolutions because I know I'll just break them and I prefer not to disappoint myself. So I made one resolution - to keep my stupid cell phone off dinner tables. It sounds small, but it implies a lot. I want to focus on my company, my food, my wine, the experience that is really happening and not let the ding or the light of the phone take me away from it.

I read this article a few weeks back and while it's a bit self-indulgent, I think the principle is a good one. We have become so ADD. So focussed on what's happening outside our own experiences and instead inside our candy phones. I'm no exception. I'm terrible. My brother started, in jest, to call me iLiza which really pissed me off. I excuse it with work. I have to respond to this client. I have to email in this order. I just have to see what's happening on instagram. I call bullshit on myself. I don't really have to do any of these things. Everything can wait at least a couple hours to happen. Even in crazy fast paced NYC.

So my simple resolution is about focus. Which I think will aid my work, help me enjoy my friends, really see things on my trips, and not crash when I drive. No phones on dinner tables! Happy new year, everyone!  

*These photos were taken in Hudson, NY last weekend with and mostly by my dear friend Courtney. I'll elaborate on that fun soon. 

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