December 13, 2012

messing around

I'm trying to be a better photographer. Flower photography is no joke. This shit is tough. I'm figuring out how to use this 20D I've had for 6 years now and playing around with the light in the studio. I want to buy an expensive camera in the hopes that by simply being expensive, it will inherently take better photos than I can take on my own. Instead, I'm testing out patience and experimentation. And very open to suggestions. Courtney is trying to help.


  1. These look really pretty! As a florist and photographer I must admit that having a great camera - and I think even more importantly a great lens - really does make a difference. But that said, you're getting great shots with what you've got. You have "the eye" which is about 75% of it. Well done! Love your work!

  2. thats what I did, i just upgraded my camera and hoped for the best.